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BURLINGTON, N.C.—The Animal Park is pleased to announce the arrival of a tiger cub, Parker!

Parker recently arrived, and is now four months old. He was born at another location, and when changing circumstances meant the facility he was originally headed to could not accept him, we were delighted they opted to donate him to the Animal Park.  

Visitors to the Animal Park can observe Parker during select times on upcoming weekends as he gets used to his new habitat, his pool (tigers love water!), and adoring fans.

Parker is very playful, and visitors may see him practicing instinctual tiger cub behaviors such as stalking, pouncing, and sharpening his claws on a log. He is a cat, and a young one at that, so they may also encounter him napping. Curious Parker is intrigued by everything he can see and hear—especially people—and he often spends his time in the shady grassy area at the front of his habitat so he doesn’t miss anything worth learning about.

On October 9th, the Animal Park will host a day of Self-Guided Safaris from 10am–2pm for the public to welcome Parker tiger and visit the rest of the animals in the park. 

Parker’s habitat is next door to an older male tiger, Wic, who Parker watches with intense interest while he takes a dip in his pool. Wic’s presence close by helps ensure young Parker sees adult tiger behavior, and that he can practice his “chuffle,” the sound a tiger makes for polite greetings. 

Other nearby neighbors include the Park’s four wolves and a coyote, all of whom participate in the Park’s daily callings, when the lions “oof,” and the wolves, coyote, dingoes and New Guinea singing dogs all howl. Parker expressed some concern when he first heard the loud symphony of calls, but he quickly adjusted to the sounds around him and now listens attentively. 

We invite visitors to come back often to watch this adorable tiger grow up. Parker Passes will be available at the visitors center for those who can’t get enough of him, and are excited to watch him grow. Each annual pass will cover the cost of admission to one Adventure Tour or Self-Guided Safari Day every month along with a monthly goody box of small Parker surprises. Parker Pass holders will also get discounts to other events, like Howl-O-Ween and Pumpkin Prowl.

Animal Park offers guided Adventure Tours every weekend. Visitors are encouraged to make advance reservations because there are limited tickets available for guided tours, and—due to the excitement over seeing Parker—some tours are already selling out. The Park also offers Self-Guided Safari Days twice each month that don’t require reservations. On these popular Self-Guided tours, guests walk the park at their own pace, can ask questions of our docents and spend as much time as they like observing their favorite animals. 

Animal Park at the Conservators Center (APCC) is a nonprofit zoological park with a mission of reconnecting the public with wildlife through educational adventures, including guided tours, self-guided safaris, and special events. APCC is home to more than 75 animals, including lions, tigers, wolves, and bobcats. More information about the Animal Park, including reservation information and employment or volunteer opportunities, can be found at www.animalparknc.org.


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