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Our Residents

Who is the Animal Park at the Conservators Center?

The Animal Park at the Conservators Center is home to over 60 animals representing many different species from around the globe. Our tours offer visitors the chance to meet these unique individuals and learn about each species.

Our staff works hard to provide the highest quality of care to each of our residents through daily observation, interaction, and assessment. In addition to close monitoring, we are constantly updating and upgrading habitats and medical care as new technologies emerge. Staff must also readily adapt for inclement weather and address any emergent needs of each individual.

Visitors to the Animal Park have the opportunity to learn about each of our residents, their stories, and their species on any one of our public tours. Special events throughout the year also offer a glimpse into the unique world of exotic animal husbandry and wildlife advocacy.

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Family Adventures

Have you ever looked a lion, tiger, leopard, or wolf in the eye? Had a “conversation” with a jungle cat? Witnessed the flickering tufts of a caracal’s ear? What on earth is a binturong—and why is it so important to its natural ecosystem?

Discover all this and much more when you join us for an Adventure tour at the Animal Park!