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Experience all the Animal Park has to offer!

Join us for one of our Public Tours, whether it's an Adventure or a Twilight Experience you're interested in, there's something exciting and engaging for everyone in the family! Our Public Tours are available Saturday and Sunday all year, with seasonal offerings and new events throughout the calendar year. Private Experiences, Group Tours, Field Trips, and Specialty Tours are available Wednesday through Sunday all year. 

On a tour of our park, you’ll walk the three-quarter-mile path with an experienced tour guide and gain an understanding of each species’ ecological importance. You’ll also get to know each animal’s individual traits and characteristics. We’re all about reconnecting you to wildlife, so every tour is a conversation. Reservations required.


Have you ever looked a lion, tiger, or leopard in the eye? What in the world is a jungle cat? How is a binturong important to its natural ecosystem?

Learn all of this and more when you come on an Adventure tour at the Animal Park!

As twilight falls, listen in while a fascinating chorus begins: Lions call to one another. Wolves howl. Singing dogs yodel. Experience the thrill of seeing a leopard or tiger emerging from the shadows. Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to spot nocturnal species like the Geoffroy's cat. Listen as your guide describes a binturong’s preferred snack or a lynx's favorite scent—and watch as the animals enjoy it.

On a Twilight tour at the Animal Park, you'll explore with an experienced guide at the time when our residents are often the most active. And you'll see animals receiving special scents and treats while you learn how we keep them engaged and happy.

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Seasonal Tours

Autumn and winter are amazing times to visit the animals at the Animal Park. Our residents often show off their playful personalities in the cooler months. You’ll even meet lions, tigers, caracals, binturongs, lynxes, and more by the warm glow of holiday lights that turn our wildlife park into a wonderland of awe-inspiring sights and sounds. From the spooky seasonal Howl-o-ween tours like Legends & Lore to the enchanting seasonal Winter-in-the-Wild tours, our seasonal offerings are not to be missed!
Important Information

Know Before You Go

More info about your visit to the Animal Park at the Conservators Center.

Accessibility, Safety, and Pets

The Animal Park is not wheelchair accessible; however, accessibility accommodations are available for visitors with mobility issues. Please note that we are not able to allow unauthorized vehicles, including scooters or motorized wheelchairs, in the park. Find more information about disability accommodations and access in the Tour FAQ on our Plan Your Visit page. 

If you are planning to visit the Animal Park, please take a moment to review your confirmation email and text so that you can complete prior to your arrival. Waivers will also be available in the gift shop for visitors to complete during check-in.

For safety reasons, the Animal Park cannot allow visitors to bring pets on site. Any visitor who brings an animal to the Park will be asked to leave immediately. No animals may be left unattended in a vehicle.