New Guinea Singing Dogs - Animal Park at Conservators Center
August 9, 2019
Ring-Tailed Lemurs
August 9, 2019

The New Guinea singing dog is a controversial animal, with some researchers suggesting it is a variant of the Australian dingo and others considering the species rewilded domestic dogs. Still others hold a distinction between the New Guinea Singing Dog (NGSD) in captivity and the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog (NGHWD) in the wild. Based on the Animal Park’s experience with New Guinea Singing Dogs, we believe the NGSD and NGHWD are a single, discrete species separate from the dingo and thus choose to use the scientific name Canis hallstromi.
Vulnerable, IUCN 3.1
Vulnerable (IUCN 3.1)

New Guinea Singing Dogs (Canis hallstromi)


  • Conservation status is widely debated and uncertain

  • Native only to the island of New Guinea

  • Capable of producing a wide range of vocalizations and pitches

  • Only canid species that can climb trees

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