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Members of the Pride Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

We want your membership to be as rewarding as possible, so we encourage you to enjoy all the benefits it brings.

How do I book my unlimited Adventure Tours?

Unlimited Adventure Tours for you and your family (1 ticket per visit for Individual Friend of the Pride, 2 for Individual + Companion Friend of the Pride, up to 5 for Family Friend of the Pride and for Guardian of the Pride)

How do I redeem my discount when booking a Private Tour, Photo Safari, or Birthday Party?

For reservations: Sign up online using the specific tour type you are looking for. Let us know on the form that you are a Member of the Pride and we’ll apply your discount.

How do I redeem my discount on tickets for Signature Events?

Your discount code for Tree Toss and Pumpkin Prowl will arrive via email prior to the event.

How do I redeem my discount in the Animal Park Gift Shop?

Show your membership card in the Gift Shop.  We can also confirm your membership by name.

I’m a Guardian of the Pride. How can I schedule a visit to see my adopted animal?

Guardians of the Pride may schedule a visit (up to once per month) to see their adopted animal by emailing us at

Family Adventures

Have you ever looked a lion, tiger, leopard, or wolf in the eye? Had a “conversation” with a jungle cat? Witnessed the flickering tufts of a caracal’s ear? What on earth is a binturong—and why is it so important to its natural ecosystem?

Discover all this and much more when you join us for an Adventure tour at the Animal Park!