Our Partners of the Pride

Our Partners of the Pride are crucial to our animals’ continued welfare

Our Community Partners

Garden Valley Farmers Market donates pumpkins for our annual Pumpkin Prowl.

Our Educational Partners

Alamance County Public Library System provides "ZOOm passes" to patrons for Adventure Tours.

Partners of the Pride

Partners of the Pride are the businesses, organizations, and community groups that contribute to and collaborate with the Animal Park at the Conservators Center to further our mission, care for our animals, and help secure a future for these incredible species. We are grateful for the wide variety of entities that pitch in and make us both a high-quality home for our residents...and a top attraction in the Burlington area.

Potential Benefits

Depending on the relationship formed between your organization and the Animal Park, we are happy to potentially offer an array of benefits, such as:

- promotion on social media. We have more than 32,000 followers on Facebook and an e-mail list of more than 5,000. Let us tell the world about the way your group or company is helping us thrive -- and feature your products and people in the process.

- complimentary group visits for your employees. We want to share Wic Tiger, Roland Wolf, and Ra Lion with you, and your people will find that our tours are a fantastic bonding experience and morale-booster. If our relationship with your organization is particularly robust, we can also negotiate 10%, 15%, or 20% discounts for individual employees attending public tours.

- a presence on our website. We would love to feature your logo on our Partners of the Pride page.

Partners can support the Animal Park in many ways:

  • with in-kind donations of supplies, services, or specialty goods;
    • with monetary contributions or matching campaigns;
      • with discounts on services or goods to the Animal Park;
        • by sponsoring or adopting an animal;
          • by sponsoring a habitat;
            • by sponsoring a designated project (like a pagoda, playground, or large landscaping project);
              • by sponsoring our annual events, such as Tree Toss and Pumpkin Prowl;
                • by promoting us with posters, on social media, or in the company’s newsletters;
                  • by providing volunteer work groups;
                    • by hosting an event here at the Animal Park.


Become a Partner of the Pride

If you’re interested in becoming a Partner of the Pride, or to learn more about our Partners of the Pride program, click the button below!