Get Involved at the Animal Park

Many of our visitors leave in awe of the unbelievable community supporting our mission and our animal residents. On any given day at the Animal Park, you will see Lifetime Adopters spending spending time with their animals, volunteers ensuring our residents have everything they need, members bringing friends and family on a visit, and interns shadowing our animal care staff.

Get Involved at the Animal Park

If you’re interested in building a strong bond with an animal and helping us improve the life of that resident, we invite you to become a Lifetime Adopter. Whether you visit once a week or once a year, our residents benefit enormously from the love and attention of their adopter friends. Learn more about Lifetime Adoption!

Part membership program, part educational experience, Wild About Lions is a unique program at the Animal Park. This exclusive membership experience will allow you to get to know Naomi and her sons, observe them closely, and learn about unique elements of their lives in our care (ends July 2021). Click to learn more about Wild About Lions!

Members of the Pack at the Animal Park at the Conservators Center are valued supporters of our mission who are dedicated to our residents’ ongoing care and well-being. As valued members of our community, these individuals receive discounts on tours and events at the Animal Park. Learn more about our Membership program!

To donate your time and energy, consider becoming a volunteer. No matter what your skills or physical difference at the Animal Park. Find out how you can Volunteer!