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Employment at the Animal Park

The Animal Park at the Conservators Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies heavily on a dedicated staff of employees and permanent volunteers. The Animal Park does not often have open positions for employment, but will post these positions as they become available here. Please check back regularly to find news and updates on employment opportunities.

Current Open Positions

Animal keepers are responsible for supporting all the operations associated with the husbandry of the animals.
Under the direction of the Husbandry Manager
  • Carrying out all aspects of the daily care of assigned animals, including but not limited to cleaning, feeding, exhibit maintenance, and general upkeep of support facilities.
  • Maintaining clean and organized exhibits, service areas, and equipment.
  • Preparing and feeding diets as per established feeding practices and diet sheets.
  • Administering prescribed medications, supplements, or treatments under the guidance of the Husbandry Manager.
  • Maintaining daily reports, logs, and records as appropriate and according to established guidelines.
  • Understanding and applying a practical understanding of operant conditioning as it relates to the daily management of species on grounds.
  • Assist in a variety of pest and plant control throughout the park.
  • Identifying potential maintenance or safety issues and reporting them appropriately.
  • Participating in keeper chats, tours, animal presentations or demonstrations, and/or other public interactions as requested by the Husbandry Manager.
  • May oversee work activities and/or provide training for interns, seasonal workers, or volunteers.
  • Working weekends and/or holidays.
  • Bachelors or Associates degree in Animal Science, Biology, or other related Science
  • Experience working with exotic animals.
  • Strong interpersonal, team-building, and communication skills.
  • Basic skills with Microsoft Office and Excel software applications.
  • Licensed to operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina, or the ability to obtain a license.
  • Ability to lift at least 50lbs.
  • 1-2 years of experience working with exotic animals; as a paid employee not in a volunteer capacity.
  • Construction and maintenance experience.
  • Experience with operant conditioning, developing and completion of an animal training project.
  • Public speaking and education skills developed.
  • The salary for this position is commensurate with experience.
  • Shared housing opportunities may be available.
  • Please include 2 references with your resume. There will be a 2-step selection process from this point. First, there will be a round of traditional interviews. These can be done over the phone for individuals who are not local. The final step in the selection process will be a working interview.
  • Please contact applications@animalparknc.org if you experience any issues with the application process or have further questions regarding the position.

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  • We are currently looking for potential part-time and full-time candidates to join our Visitor Service team to work week day and weekend shifts. As a Visitor Service Associate, you would help our guests get checked in for their tour, help maintain the Gift Shop/Visitors Center, and be a resource for potential donors. Qualifications: • Ability to work weekends and holidays • High school diploma, or equivalent • Must be at least 18 years of age or older • Strong interpersonal, team-building, and communication skills • Basic skills with Microsoft Office and Excel software applications • Writing and penmanship skills • Ability to maintain a neat and organized work environment • Licensed to operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina • Ability to self-motivate and work in self-directed projects and tasks • Ability to work actively (on your feet) as necessary • Ability to lift at least 25 lbs. Key Roles: • Greeting and checking in Guests for their tour/visit • Appointing donors and/or potential donors to the right personnel • Handling any tour related phone calls/emails • Maintaining the cleanliness of the Visitors Center, surrounding public areas, and the upkeep of the Gift Shop • Overseeing volunteers or interns assisting with day to day tasks • Make a positive and welcoming experience for every guest • Maintaining a professional and positive attitude with other staff, guests, and community • Assisting as needed in public facing roles such as driving the golf cart for visitors needing mobility assistance. We are accepting part-time applications via email. Send us your cover letter and résumé to applications@animalparknc.org

    Immediate opening for well-qualified candidates who are able to manage all animal care operations, supervise keepers and keeper roles, maintenance of exhibits, providing a positive guest experience, supervising all Keeper positions, assisting management with the animal collection and collection planning and assist veterinarians and veterinary technicians in the tasks associated with the Park’s medical program.

    • Manages the animal care department and the corresponding team of Keepers in providing the highest standards of care to ensure the health and well-being of the animal collection.
    • Establishes themselves role model/leader in animal husbandry, care and welfare.
    • Possess an overall understanding of animal husbandry, care and welfare and provides direction using their experience and knowledge.
    • Understands the seriousness of abnormal behaviors and medical conditions and provides outcomes and solutions to leadership
    • Understands the importance of welfare and daily reviews the welfare of animals and makes decisions and suggestions for the animals in their care
    • Confirms regular adherence to USDA Animal Welfare Act and assists on completing the USDA inspection
    • Communicates veterinary and animal husbandry information in a timely manner to the leadership team and keeper team
    • Works with the Park’s team of external veterinarians and veterinary staff
    • Uses training techniques to optimize care and welfare, identifies and determines training goals
    • Ensures application of enrichment and enriching experiences to optimize care and welfare, identifies and prioritizes enrichment goals, evaluates enrichment activity schedules & devices to determine effectiveness, and collaborates with enrichment consultants to achieve enrichment goals and advance the behavioral enrichment program
    • Partnering with the leadership team to assess and develop exhibit/animal space modifications and enhancements
    • Enters daily records into the database Animal Care Software
    • Evaluates content and completeness of daily records in team area
    • Performs regular formal evaluations for staff.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Life Science such as Biology, Zoology, Ecology or closely related discipline
    • Minimum three years’ experience with exotic mammal species in a zoo, aquarium or closely related activity
    • Experience working with large mammals required
    • Experience in supervision, management and leadership required
    • Position schedule is considered in advance and includes weekends, holidays and all-weather conditions.
    • Acts as internal lead and/or incident commander in animal escape situations
    • Responds to animal emergencies quickly and calculates risks involved
    • Active participant in the Weapons Team
    • Ensures exhibit presentation quality standards for cleanliness and maintenance to maximize our guest experience
    • Interacts with visitors to assist and share information
    • Shares critical information, best practices, and procedures on a consistent basis with staff
    • Promotes a collaborative relationship across the whole AC department and with other zoo departments
    • Exemplifies the highest ethical standards to ensure the health and well being of the animal collection
    • Ensures that all regulatory standards are met such as USDA Animal Welfare Act
    • Reports animal maintenance issues and potential hazards for staff in a timely manner
    • Ensures consistent productive operating practices by identifying areas for potential revenue generation, reduction of costs and more efficient procedures
    • Interacts with other department managers as a member of the Business Operations team
    • Holds peers accountable for their performance
    • Represents the zoo for some public relations and media events on behalf of the department
    • Adheres to Park’s policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Policy Manual
    • Attends monthly all-employee meetings
    • Attends weekly animal management meeting with leadership
    • License, Certification, or Preferred Qualifications:
      1. Valid driver’s license with good driving record is desirable
      2. Ability to certify in First Aid/CPR/AED
      3. Ability to be part of the Weapons Team

  • The salary for this position is commensurate with experience. Shared housing opportunities may be available

    • Please include 2 references with your resume

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