A Wild and Wonderful Afternoon With Thriller Mom – Animal Park at Conservators Center
Intubated tiger having surgery
How Do You Spay a Tiger? (And Other Veterinary Questions Answered!)
October 12, 2022

A Wild and Wonderful Afternoon

We had a blast touring and talking all things Animal Park with WRAL contributor Tandra Wilkerson, AKA Thriller Mom, and her delightful daughters.

On a recent Saturday, we had the pleasure of hosting a very special trio for a private tour at the Animal Park at the Conservators Center: Tandra Wilkerson and her daughters, Alora and Vivia. We made scent enrichment for the animals (Casper Arctic Fox and Kira Lion were the recipients specially selected by the girls), we howled with wolves, we oofed with lions, we chuffled with tigers, and we talked about the Park, its mission, and how much we enjoy watching families experience our favorite place together. Tandra and her girls had lots of perceptive observations and super-sharp questions about our animal residents—we could have happily chatted with them all weekend!

But enough from us. See what Tandra had to say! And thanks so much for visiting us, ladies. Come back soon!

Arctic Fox

Does Casper understand how cute he is?

Kira Lion

Kira feels strongly that she deserves ALL the enrichment.